Why is Bridge-Building important?

  1. ⅙ people stopped talking to friends and family after the 2016 election.
  2. The US Surgeon General recommends bridging conversations as an antidote to the epidemic of loneliness. This kind of connection extends your life expectancy!

It’s no secret that our country is divided, and that we disagree on a lot of important issues.

But did you also know that there’s a whole field committed to helping people like you build connection and understanding across our many differences?

Whether you just completed an exciting adventure with R.A.F.T. for America and want to continue your bridge-building journey or you are looking for an alternative activity, there are hundreds of organizations that offer training, activities, events, and other resources to help you connect across differences.

Bridge-Building Skills

There are four core “bridge-building” skills that help us disagree better and feel seen and heard:

Listen to understand




As we practice these skills we become better equipped to:

Featured bridge-building training programs

The Bridging Movement Alignment Council’s Badging and Microcredential Program provides a structured approach to developing your bridge-building skills including earning micro-credentials that you can share on LinkedIn.

Bridge-Building Activities

Bridge-building activities represent an opportunity to cultivate your bridge-building skills.  Many organizations provide structured activities that enable you to interact with someone that has a different perspective than you.  We encourage you to engage in one of those activities as a follow-on or alternative to your R.A.F.T. for America Journey.

Featured Bridge Building Activities

There are always opportunities to engage in bridge-building in our everyday lives as well. Here are some tips for being a bridge-builder in your everyday life:

Use curiosity to replace judgment

  • “Where have you seen that come up in your life?”
  • “Tell me more.”

Listen for feelings rather than facts

  • “I’m hearing that you’re really concerned about the upcoming election. How are you navigating that?”

Find better ways to engage online

  • “I noticed you’ve been posting about (specific issue) a lot lately and I’d like to understand more. Have you had personal experience with this issue that makes you passionate about it?”
  • “I read the article you posted and I’m wondering which part of it really resonated with you.”

Bridge-building Events and Other Resources

Citizen Connect is a great resource to find online or in person bridging organizations, events, and other resources