R.A.F.T. for America

(Reuniting America by Fostering Trust)


Team Democracy is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that was founded in 2021 by a couple of guys with a real passion for democracy, and deep roots in the world of whitewater. One more liberal, the other more conservative, they've managed to combine their enthusiasm for healthier civic engagement with their life-long enchantment with the allure of whitewater rivers.

Through initiatives like R.A.F.T. for America, Team Democracy encourages Americans' better instincts, and amplifies the efforts of those who are willing to listen first, disagree better, and collaborate with folks who are outside their bubble.

The Polarization Problem

Divisive polarization represents one of the most serious threats to our Constitutional republic. All of our work aims to move the needle in the direction of civility, empathy, respect, and collaboration. We know that we will always have differences. As we should. Our mission is to emphasize the common purpose and the shared identity that help us to manage our inevitable differences, in ways that make us stronger, wiser and healthier. On the water, as in life, the lesson is the same: regardless of our differences, we'll always do better by pulling together than by pulling apart.

What is

Disagree Better is a national campaign launched by the National Governors Association. It aims to inspire us to listen first, to disagree better, and to work with one another for the good of all Americans. R.A.F.T. for America supports this initiative by providing fun, exciting, real world opportunities for Americans with vastly different backgrounds and perspectives, to meet, have fun and form kinship with one another in some of the most exotic places on earth.

R.A.F.T. for America  is honored to count among its many sponsors, partners, and friends, some of the finest people and organizations on the planet, including: